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Tabs in Tatters as Dark Blues Dominate

The Oxford Tab, 31/03/2013
Race report following Oxford's comprehensive Boat Race victory.

Boat Race - Live Text

The Oxford Tab, 31/03/2013
Heavily biased live text updates of this year's Boat Race brought to you from the media centre in Chiswick.

Rowers Ready to Race

The Oxford Tab, 30/03/2013
Exclusive photography and footage taken from the press boat during the penultimate outing for both crews ahead of tomorrow's 159th Boat Race.

The Layman's Guide to Torpids

The Oxford Tab, 26/02/2013
My pre-race guide ahead of the start of the 2013 edition of Torpids.

Trials and Tribulations on the Tideway

The Oxford Tab, 13/12/2012
Coverage of Trial VIIIs 2012 with the Oxford boats disastrously crashing in a bizarre recreation of the previous year's Boat Race.

We Won!

The Oxford Tab, 6/12/2012
In a stunning comeback OURFC have beaten CURFC 26-19 in this year's Varsity rugby game.

The Lance Armstrong Defence

The Oxford Student
Those initially calling for Lance Armstrong to be stripped of his seven Tour de France titles haven't necessarily reckoned with The Texan's formidable legal team and the intricate internal politics of the bodies that control elite international cycling.

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