The Frustrated Finalist was my column series for The Oxford Tab tracking the experience of Trinity Term in Oxford through the eyes of somebody in the final throes of their degree.

The Frustrated Finalist: Freedom

The Oxford Tab, 9/06/2013

I share the joys of liberty with the world.

The Frustrated Finalist: Fuscing Hell

The Oxford Tab, 24/05/2013
A less than positive review of the examination experience as I reach the halfway point.

The Frustrated Finalist: Bored is for Boring People

The Oxford Tab, 17/05/2013
My tips on livening up the library (or avoiding it altogether).

The Frustrated Finalist: Dear Freshers, I Hate You

The Oxford Tab, 13/05/2013

They're young and carefree and they look it and I don't like it.

The Frustrated Finalist

The Oxford Tab, 3/05/2013
The first column of the series, I introduce myself and spell out just why I'll be worth listening to for the rest of the term.

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